Watching the Little League World Series on TV or Online

Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:34:58PM
Little League World Series Game in Howard J. Lamade Stadium during the '07 LLWS.By: Ruhrfisch

ESPN broadcasts the entire Little League Baseball World Series, and this guide gives you all the information you need to watch the tournament on TV, stream on any device or even listen to the audio feed of some of the games.

LLWS Game Schedule on TV

Channels: ESPN, ESPN2, ABC

Little League World Series Watching Guide. This guide includes all TV channels airing the games, cable providers and their current plans and packages that include those channels, along with pricing and links to each one.

The entire tournament, all 32 games, will air on one of these 3 ESPN owned channels. Use the LLWS Offical Game Schedule link for complete match-up details: including dates and times of the matches, TV channels airing certain games, who is facing who, which teams have advanced, box scores, line up info and recap links.

ABC is a local channel and can be accessed for free if you own a digital antenna (or your TV has one built in) and you live close enough to pick up the signal.

If not, most every basic cable package includes all local channels, including ABC.

For ESPN and ESPN2, you will need cable access.

Or for those without a land line cable provider living in a more remote location, you still have options to get these channels beamed into your television set. Cable satellite providers such as DirecTV and DISH Network offer very affordable monthly cable packages that include the ESPN family of channels (which includes all 3 channels).

Online & Streaming Options for the LLWS

Watch ESPN app. This is the best place to watch all the ESPN channels that will be airing the Little League World Series. All you need for access is your cable login and password (or perhaps a friends..). All 32 games will be available for live streaming throughout the tournament.

A mobile version can be found on the iTunes or Google Play app store as well, to work with any Apple or Android device.

If you don't already have cable, consider one of these online cable streaming services instead:

Sling TV, YouTubeTV, HuluTV, FuboTV. All of these options are online cable packages of channels. So you can get the equivalent of basic cable that you can access from any PC, Mac, or smart phone, plus streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, etc.

SlingTV is listed first, as it's the cheapest option that includes ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC, for $19.99/month. The other 3 range in price up to $44.95/month, all with trial periods and no contracts. For those just looking to stream these channels for the duration of the tournament, all of these options give you that ability, and much more. Worth looking into each and picking the one that makes the most sense for you.

DirecTV with AppleTV. If you have an Apple TV already, a great option already exists for you to get what equates to a basic cable package, that streams directly through either device. Apple TV owners that don't already have cable; you can get a basic DirecTV package, though the free trial is not always available. Give those links a try to see current promotions.

Audio Options for LLWS

Online Radio Streaming Options

ESPN Audio. ESPN offers a completely free stream of their ESPN radio channel from this link. You can listen to the main ESPN station to hear the audio commentary of Little League World Series games, although this will only cover the games airing on the main ESPN channel, and not ESPN2 or ABC (most likely). Check the channel come championship game time though, just to be certain.

Satellite Radio Options

SiriusXM also offers ESPN Radio, which will live stream the Little League World Series games' audio airing on the main ESPN channel. Same deal as above though; you won't get the audio from the EPSN2 or ABC games most likely.

You will need a subscription for SiriusXM though, either set up in your vehicle, or they have combo packages for 'Car & Streaming Subscriptions' as well.

Local FM/AM Radio Options

Most every major city in the U.S. offers a free local ESPN radio station affiliate that will broadcast the audio version from their main channel for live games. Wikipedia has a complete list of all ESPN Radio affiliates. Just select your state and scroll through to find your city to find the radio channel, whether it be FM or AM.

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