NFL Football TV & Online Viewing Guide

Sat Sep 08, 2018 18:12:44PM
Russell Wilson escaping the pocket against Wasington's front four, 10/6/14.By: Keith Allison

This complete NFL regular season viewing guide includes all the options you will ever need to watch any NFL game during any regular season, either on your TV, computer or mobile device.

For a no-nonsense and spoiler free schedule, complete with streaming links to all games, use:

NFL Football TV and Streaming Schedule

For a more detailed breakdown of all other options, continue below.

This entry is broken down into five main sections for easy reference:

  • Satellite & Internet Cable TV Options
  • Sunday afternoon games (early and late)
  • Sunday night games
  • Thursday night games
  • Monday night games

Satellite & Internet Cable TV Options

Satellite TV:

Dish Network. All their plans offer ESPN, ABC, NBC and CBS. Recommended are their America's Top 120 Plus, America's Top 200 or America's Top 250 package. All these plans include regional sports channels as well, like all the Fox Sports and NBC regional channels, and will be offered depending on your location. Also conference specific channels like SEC Network or Longhorn Network channels (location dependent as well).

DirecTV. Their Entertainment plan includes ESPN, ABC, NBC and CBS. But for all those important regional sports channels (and conference channels), consider one of these 4 plans: Choice, Xtra, Ultimate or Premier. Choice is the least expensive and best value, but the other 3 include more premium movie channels on a sliding scale.

Internet Cable TV Options:

SlingTV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Playstation Vue, Hulu with Live TV and DirecTV Now. All of these services offer free trials and don't require a contract, while giving you the freedom of watching on most any streaming device out there.

Every option here includes a plan that will give you ESPN, ABC, NBC and CBS, as well as most all plans coming with regional sports and conference channels (that you will get automatically depending on your location).

NFL Sunday Ticket:

DirecTV Sunday Ticket. Don't have Direct TV but still want to stream their service? Well now that is possible. It's not necessarily cheap. But for the avid NFL fan, very worth it. You get access to all the same NFL Ticket perks on your computer or mobile device.

There are 3 different packages depending upon your needs -

$49.99/month gets you NFL Sunday Ticket TV (all out of market games streaming to any mobile device)
$64.99/month gets you the same service, with the added ability to stream to your TV through your Xbox, Playstation or Roku device. (keep in mind, if you just connect an HDMI/VGA cord from your laptop to your TV, you can do the same thing)
$89.99/month gives you everything. You get Sunday Ticket, plus ability to stream to TV from capable gaming/streaming devices. AND you get the RED ZONE channel, as well as DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE. (for fantasy football enthusiasts)

Even if you do already have DirecTV but also want mobile service, you can get that as well, and for a cheaper combined price. Check out those options from the official site's NFL Sunday Ticket bundling service costs and comparisons.

**Either way, bundled or standalone, you can get this monthly service. Keep in mind though there is a season long commitment, so be sure and ask about the terms and conditions of the contract (as it can vary depending upon situation).

Sunday Afternoon Games


Where you live will determine what games will air locally on these national channels. And it's a safe bet you will get at least 1 if not 2 games that have match-ups with your location's corresponding division teams.If you are a fan of another team that isn't regionally celebrated, you will seriously want to consider NFL Ticket from Direct TV (will cover that option below).

506Sports does a great job of showing which NFL games will air on Sunday afternoon for you, depending upon your location. Also includes channels and times.

Streaming Options:
CBS Sports Mobile apps or FOX Sports GO

If you have a cable subscription, use your username and password, and you will be able to live stream any games that air Sunday afternoon on either CBS or FOX's mobile/online streaming applications. Works well, and is free if you have the login info. Useful for those on the go.

Sunday Night Games


NBC is the home of Sunday Night Football. There's no guessing or questioning here. Just the one nationally aired game, and everyone with NBC streaming locally to their TV will get the same game.

Sunday Night Football Schedule, TV & Live Streams

Streaming Options:
NBC Sports Live Extra

And for those with cable credentials, use your login info to get NBC's live streaming on-the-go, or for mobile access.

Thursday Night Games

TV: NFL Network, FOX, CBS and NBC

NFL Network will be airing every single Thursday Night game, with Fox simulcasting 11 of those games as well:

Thursday Night Football Schedule, TV & Live Streams

Streaming Options:
CBS Sports Mobile apps , NFL Network , NBC Sports Live Extra , FOX Sports GO , Amazon Prime

Same rules apply for all Thursday night action. If you have NFL Network as part of your cable package, you will be able to stream the all Thursday night games live on your computer or mobile device. Be sure and check with cable provider and add that channel, if you don't have it and wish to be able to view every game this season.

Amazon Prime will be airing several of the games live as well.

Monday Night Games


Look no further than ESPN for all your Monday Night Football watching. Of course if you don't have cable, you won't be able to get ESPN through a digital antenna, so be aware of that. But ESPN does come standard with most every basic cable package. ESPN gives a great break down of their schedule on their site.

Monday Night Football Schedule, TV & Live Streams

Streaming Options:
Watch ESPN app

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