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Russell Wilson escaping the pocket against Wasington's front four, 10/6/14.By: Keith Allison

This complete NFL regular season viewing guide includes all the options you'll ever need to watch or listen to any NFL game during any regular season, either on your TV, computer, radio or mobile device.

Watch NFL Football Games - Live Stream Guide. This resource provides every option imaginable for watching or listening to all NFL games online, on local TV and local radio, or through all kinds of cable providers. Every team has their own custom page, complete with details for watching out-of-market games and team app links.

NFL Football - Cable Providers and Full Schedule. And this resource shows the full TV schedule with streaming links for any NFL game, with filters for every team. You'll see a full breakdown of all the internet, satellite or cable TV providers that carry all the channels that broadcast NFL games throughout the season, to select the best plan for you.

For a more detailed breakdown of all other options, continue below.

This entry is broken down into 6 main sections for easy reference:

  • Sunday Afternoon Games (early and late)
  • How to Watch Out-of-Market Games
  • Sunday Night Football
  • Thursday Night Football
  • Monday Night Football
  • Mobile-Only Streaming Options (only nationally aired games)

Sunday Afternoon Games

NFL on CBS Live Streaming Guide
FOX NFL Live Streaming Guide

Where you live will determine what games will air locally on these national channels. And it's a safe bet you will get at least 1 if not 2 games that have match-ups with your location's corresponding teams. If you're a fan of another team that isn't regionally celebrated, you will seriously want to consider NFL Sunday Ticket or Game Pass (details in next section).

506Sports does a great job of showing which NFL games will air on Sunday afternoon for you, depending upon your location. Also includes channels and times.

Streaming Options:
FOX Sports Live, FOX Sports GO app
*CBS All Access, CBS Sports Mobile apps

Login with your cable credentials to gain access to the live stream of all games airing locally on FOX at no additional cost.

For CBS, their All Access service is a standalone streaming subscription that runs $5.99/month.

Watching Out-of-Market Games

Out of Market Games - Complete Guide

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. This premium subscription allows you to watch or stream every single out-of-market NFL game, for any team. And it comes with options. You can either add NFL Sunday Ticket to your DirecTV cable package. Or you can get Sunday Ticket as a standalone streaming service.

NFL Game Pass. This option is a little different. You can live stream every out-of-market preseason game. But you won’t be able to live stream regular season games (unless you live outside the U.S.). Instead they provide a full replay of every single NFL game shortly after each game ends, regardless of the market.

Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Football - Watching Guide

NBC is the home of Sunday Night Football. They air a nationally televised game every Sunday night of the regular season, with the exception of an additional Thursday night game to begin the season and the Thanksgiving night game.

Sunday Night Football Schedule & Live Streams

Streaming Options:
NBC Sports Live, NBC Sports app

Login with your cable credentials to gain live stream access.

Thursday Night Football

TV: NFL Network, FOX, Amazon Prime and Twitch
Thursday Night Football - Watching Guide

NFL Network will be airing every single Thursday Night game, with Fox producing every game and broadcasting 11 of those games. Amazon Prime and Twitch will be simulcasting all games that FOX airs.

Thursday Night Football Schedule & Live Streams

Streaming Options:
NFL Network, FOX Sports GO, Amazon Prime, Twitch

You will need to login with cable credentials for access to NFL Network and Fox Sports Go. Amazon Prime requires a subscription to Prime. Though Twitch is a completely free stream.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football - Watching Guide

Look no further than ESPN for all your Monday Night Football watching. Of course if you don't have cable, you won't be able to get ESPN through a digital antenna, so be aware of that. But ESPN does come standard with most every basic cable package.

Monday Night Football Schedule & Live Streams

Streaming Options:
Watch ESPN, ESPN app

Mobile-Only Streaming Options (only nationally aired games)

NFL Mobile and Yahoo Sports! both offer live streams for any nationally aired NFL game. Best part, its completely free to anyone without the need of any subscription.

There are restrictions however - you can only watch the games from your mobile device (no sending the feed to your TV) and for select games you have to use your cell data as wifi will be disabled. So keep that in mind if you don’t have unlimited data.

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