Moving Extra Point Back 13 yards is a Horribly Stupid NFL Rule Change

Sun Sep 13, 2020 17:08:00PM

Seattle Seahawks kicking a field goal during Super Bowl XLVIII vs. Denver BroncosBy: MichelinStar

I think the stupidest rule change in the NFL was moving the extra point back. It adds no value to the game. People get excited about blocking, scrambling, running & passing and the work required to get a score.

It's like all this skill and excitement to score 6 points and then just some mundane zero excitement single point try.

Just watch. There will be some amazing comeback in the last seconds to presumably tie some game in the final playoff push and some kicker is going to miss the extra point. And that will be that. Everyone will realize how stupid the rule is and it will be replaced with automatic single points or 2-pt tries.

Picture the most icon moments in NFL history.

The drive by John Elway. 98 yards for a TD making it 20-20 with 37 secs left. But then the idiotic kicker misses the PAT. Broncos lose 20-19.

Or any game that went into OT. Imagine your team makes an amazing comeback and then fails to force OT because of such a stupid rule.

No skill on the defense or offense. Just one player doing one boring routine play who messes up. It's like rolling a 20 sided dice after a score.

I predict there is going to be some huge outrage and controversy over this rule sometime later in the season. There will be some iconic matchup with a game that delivers. And then the fans will be subjected to no overtime because of a missed PAT. Just watch. It will happen. And when it does, people will realize how stupid this rule is.

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I agree. It's as if the higher ups in the league get bored from time to time and say to each other, "Hey, wanna change a rule today?" Then they go with whatever they come up with. This rule change does absolutely zero for the game.