Monday Night Football TV & Online Watching Guide

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Patriots battle the Panthers during a regular season Monday Night Football game, 11/18/13.By: Airman 1st Class Jonathan Bass

ESPN is the exclusive home of Monday Night Football. And this viewing guide provides all the options available to watch any Monday Night Football game for any season of the NFL, either on your TV, computer or mobile device.

For the full schedule of any Monday Night Football game, complete without any spoilers ---

Monday Night Football TV & Online Schedule

For specific viewing options, continue below..

Viewing Options for Monday Night Football


You will need some kind of cable subscription to gain access to the ESPN channel. Luckily most every basic cable package comes with ESPN, and usually ESPN2 as well. But be sure and check with your cable provider if you only get the local channels. You might want to consider an upgrade for likely what will run you just a few dollars a month extra.

For those without a landline cable provider, you still have options to get ESPN beamed into your television set. Cable satellite providers such as DirecTV and DISH Network offer very affordable monthly cable packages that include the ESPN channel.

Online & Streaming Options

Watch ESPN app. This is the best place to watch all the ESPN channels, including the main channel that airs MNF. All you need for access is your cable login and password (or perhaps a friends..). With sign in credentials, you can stream ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN3 to any computer or mobile device.

Slingbox TV. For those without cable just wanting their Monday Night Football access, it's not a bad way to go. They offer ESPN, plus another 20+ other stations for $20/month, and the stream is HD quality. They do give you a 7-day free trial period as well. Worth a try at least. Also of note, if you get a Slingbox device and you already have cable, you can sign in and watch all your cable channels at no additional cost.

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