NHL Preseason Hockey - Complete Streaming and TV Guide

Mon Sep 26, 2016 14:30:02PM
O'Byrne of the Bruins battling Captials' Ovechkin during 2008 preseason game.By: Marcusvfx

For all the info you will ever need to watch any preseason NHL game, whether it be on your television or through a streaming device, continue below. This entry is broken down into: TV viewing options and online streaming options, to make it easy.

TV Viewing Options:
NHL Network, Local Channels

NHL Network -

The NHL Network airs a great deal of preseason games on their own channel, some live broadcast and exclusive, others tape delay replays. Either way, it's a great channel to have to catch a ton of preseason action, especially non-local hockey action.

NHL Network Broadcast Preseason Schedule (all times EST)

Keep in mind that the NHL Network is one of those channels that is cable subscription dependent. And not every cable provider includes it. So, be sure and check with them to see if you get the NHL Network or not. You can use this cable provider guide from their site to see if you get/can get the channel.

To find the channel for your location, just go to that link, click on the Channel Finder box, insert your zip code, and it will tell you all the providers in your area that offer that channel, as well as what exact channel you should tune to.

Local Programming Channels -

If you have most any cable package that includes local programming, or if you have a digital tuner (antenna), then it's likely you will get at least some regional preseason NHL games. For a full schedule of which games air where, use:

NHL Preseason TV Schedule

Look at the Network/Result section. That will tell you all the channels that game will air on. Then just check with your cable subscription/channel listings and see if you get it. You won't always luck out and be able to watch every single game, because let's face it, it's only the preseason. But you will get some nonetheless.

Online Streaming Options:
NHL Network, Compatible Streaming Device/Services

NHL Network will also be offering some games to stream online through their NHL Center Ice Online service. You will simply need to sign in/register with the site, using your cable/satellite login information for access.

For the compatible streaming devices/services, this is the part where I recommend checking with your cable/satellite provider to see if you can stream their broadcast, and to what device, as they all vary wildly from service to service. It would take simply too long to go through them all. And NHL Network is fairly new and therefore is expanding options of availability often.

I can tell you though that at least some cable companies offer NHL Network as part of a sport's package (for extra of course). One example is xfinity from Comcast. I believe Verizon Fios and DISH offer similar services, but I hesitate to say for sure, as it seems to be location dependent. So I would just recommend asking your provider. Or if you don't have service and this is important to you, to ask before you sign up.

Again, I will refer you to NHL Network's listing of all the cable providers that broadcast their channel as part of some available package. If they have an online streaming platform, then it's safe to assume there is a reasonable route to get access on your mobile device.

Enjoy the hockey preseason!

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