NHL Regular Season TV & Online Options

Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:41:50AM

Blackhawk's Saad ties game 2-2 vs Washington' goalie Holtby at '15 Winter Classic game. By: EJ Hersom

Watch or stream any NHL hockey game by securing access to all these TV channels and/or streaming services; they collectively carry all hockey games throughout the regular season.

TV Channels for NHL Games

NBC Sports has television rights to NHL hockey, so a majority of nationally aired hockey games air on either NBC or their sister network NBCSN. You can watch NBC hosted games on your local NBC station for free if you have a digital antenna and live close enough to your local broadcast station. Otherwise your local NBC channel is included in most every cable package.

NBCSN is a cable-only TV channel that requires a subscription to a cable plan to watch.

NHL Network
The NHL Network is a cable-only TV channel that airs many regular season NHL games as well. Use this resource to see which cable providers and plans carry the NHL Network.

Local & Regional Channels
Cable providers usually include regional sports channels in most packages. If you don't get them already you will have to purchase the regional sports package add-on from your provider. The add-on typically runs $8-$15/month. For a full schedule of which NHL games air on which local or regional TV channel use - NHL TV Schedule.

Streaming NHL Games

NHL offers a streaming service called NHL.TV that gives you live access to some preseason NHL games and all the NHL regular season games that air out-of-market. This is a great deal if you already have cable and are looking to watch as many NHL games as you can. But if you don't have cable and are just looking to watch local games, this service isn't for you.

Full season access to NHL.TV runs $99.99 as a one-time cost. Or $24.99/month. You can also sign up for just the streaming of one team for a season discounted rate of $84.99, but keep in mind this will only be for games that aren't already airing in your local market.

ESPN+ is a standalone streaming service from ESPN that airs many NHL regular season games, as well as many other pro and college sports live games not covered on other major networks. The service runs $5.99/month and comes with a 7-day free trial.

NBC & NBC Sports Live
For NHL regular season games airing on NBC, you can live stream the game from their website or from their mobile app. You will need to login with your cable username and password to gain access. And for games airing on NBCSN, go to NBC Sports Live or watch from their app.

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