MLB Playoffs TV and Online Viewing Guide

Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:48:31AM | Categories: MLB Playoffs TV & Online
2013 World Series pre-game events.By: Rick Berry

Here is a comprehensive guide to watching the MLB Playoffs. Though there are a number of options out there, I have compiled a list of the easiest and best quality options for getting your dose.

Firstly, for the full schedule of the MLB Playoffs without any spoilers:

TV Viewing Options:

The games are going to be spread out through different channels. Though most will play on Fox Sports One.

  • Channels will include- Fox Sports 1, Fox, MLBN, TBS, and briefly ESPN.

  • Also not, if you do not have these channels, Slingbox would be a great way to go. It essentially lets you tap in to these channels to view the events you would like to. Their subscription is $20.00 a month. It also has a free 7 day trial period at the moment. This also doubles as a streaming option as well.

Online Streaming Options:

  • Gameday- This may not be the very best full game streaming option. But it is tried and true source of up to date information.

  • Fox Sports Go- This has always been a great way to view full games via live streaming.

  • This is going to be the very best streaming option in my opinion. Though it does come with a $4.99 subscription fee.

Radio Listeners:

  • ESPN Radio- This is the very best option for listening to the games.

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