NBA Regular Season TV & Streaming Options

Tue Dec 22, 2020 14:12:39PM

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors shooting against Wizard's Gortat, 2/28/17. By: Keith Allison

For all the info you need to watch any NBA regular season game, whether it be on your television or through a streaming device, this guide has you covered. Scroll to the TV or streaming sections to get the info you need.

TV Viewing Options for NBA Games

All NBA regular season games air on either ESPN, TNT, ABC or the NBA TV network. The typical schedule and how to gain access to each channel is detailed here.


During the regular season ESPN airs NBA doubleheaders (2 games in one night back-to-back) every Wednesday and Friday night, with some exceptions around holidays or other schedule conflicts. ESPN is a cable network that comes with almost every basic cable TV package.


TNT also airs NBA doubleheaders throughout the regular season, on Tuesday and Thursday nights. This is another cable TV channel and will require a cable plan in order to watch.


NBA TV airs an NBA game almost every single night, and sometimes multiple games as the season comes to a conclusion. You will need a cable provider that carries or includes this channel in your package in order to watch this station.


In the second half of the season ABC airs two NBA games per week, one on Saturday night and another on Sunday afternoon. ABC is a local TV channel so you can watch for free if you have a digital antenna strong enough to pick up the local signal.

Live Streaming & On Demand Options for NBA Games

To watch NBA games airing on ESPN or ABC online, use the WatchESPN link. Cable credentials (username and password) are required to gain access to the live stream, but you will be able to watch any NBA game airing on ESPN or ABC through this one link as they are sister networks. You can also live stream ESPN or ABC NBA games from the ESPN app.

Once you have a cable plan that includes TNT, go to that link to live stream all of their NBA regular season games from your computer, laptop or mobile device. You can also live stream TNT from their mobile app.

NBA League Pass is arguably the best place to watch most any NBA regular season game, but it's far from the cheapest and there are some notable pros and cons to this service.

Full access will run you $199.99/yr. Or $249.99/yr for commercial free coverage. If you wish to go monthly it's $28.99 or $39.99/month respectively. And for those just looking to follow one particular team, they offer a discounted $119.99/yr rate (or $17.99/month).

You'll gain live access to every single NBA regular season game that isn't already airing nationally in your area. So this service is more for NBA diehards that already that access to ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBA TV and also want to be able to watch all out-of-market NBA games live. (The NBA blacks out regional games from this service to funnel viewership to its national TV channels and affiliates that have exclusivity contracts to air those games.)

One great thing about this service is every single NBA game will be available to watch in full, shortly after the game ends, regardless of what market it aired in through the NBA League Pass on demand feature. In this way you will have a full archive of every single NBA game to re-watch throughout the regular season, whenever you like.

On top of that, you also get NBA League Pass Audio, so you can listen to all NBA games live and chose the HOME or AWAY play-by-play call. That's one way to bypass the live game blackout restrictions. And if you just want the radio option, that is far cheaper as a stand alone service; something I would highly recommend for a one-time fee of just $9.99/yr.

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