NBA Regular Season TV & Streaming Options

Mon Oct 08, 2018 16:25:53PM
Golden State's Bogut winning the tip ball against the Cav's Thompson, 6/11/16.By: Ash Carter

For all the info you will ever need to watch any NBA regular season game, whether it be on your television or through a streaming device, continue below. This entry is broken down into: TV viewing options and online streaming options, to make it easy.

TV Viewing Options

2 good options exist here.

1. NBA Basketball Schedule, TV & Live Streams.

This first option is a one-stop shop for both TV and Online streaming links actually. Best part of using this resource is it's spoiler-free. So you won't see any game center tickers or articles talking about who won or lost, before you even get to watch the game yourself. This tool also includes available tickets for all games, as well as individual team pages with live links to any game that's currently airing.

2. National TV Schedule for all NBA regular season games.

As you can tell from that schedule above, all the nationally aired games will be split between NBA TV, ABC, TNT, and ESPN. NBA TV will actually get the most, followed closely by ESPN, and then TNT and ABC pick up the rest of the slack.

(NBA TV is something you likely have to add to your cable package. ESPN is usually included, as too is TNT. And lastly, ABC is local and can be picked up with a digital antenna, or it's usually one of the first channels on your cable channel lineup.)

And any local games will be airing on your local sports channels, all listings of which are included in the TV schedule linked above. Those channels are usually a part of your cable subscription. Or if you're lucky, you can even pick those channels up with a strong digital tuner/antenna (or rabbit ears). Be sure and comb through the channels you do get, and remember the local stations that get the games, and favorite them. Every market is different. They are usually in the 20s - 30s in basic cable packages.

For those wanting to watch every single NBA game on your TV (or online or by mobile) continue below for the best Internet TV packages, NBA League Pass options and all the other streaming details..

Online Streaming Options
Internet TV Packages, NBA League Pass, ABC Watch Live, Watch TNT, Watch ESPN

If you have a cable TV package -

ABC Watch Live, Watch TNT and Watch ESPN will be offering all the games that will air live on their channels for free to stream on their mobile/online applications, as they happen of course (no on demand though).

All you need to do is choose one of those links and sign in with your cable sign in info, and you are good to go! Also, if you have an Apple or Android phone paired with a Chromecast or other streaming device (or a smart TV) it's a solid bet you can stream all of these channels straight to your TV as well via their mobile/built-in streaming apps. For example, PS4 and Xbox360 both have Watch ESPN.

If you don't have traditional cable TV, consider internet TV instead -

SlingTV, DirecTV Now, YouTubeTV, FuboTV or Playstation Vue. All are internet cable package alternatives that include ABC, TNT, ESPN and most importantly NBA TV, along with all the other channels you've come to expect from basic and extended cable packages.

Basically every single channel, both local and national, that would air an NBA regular season game can be streamed through any of these services. SlingTV is the least expensive, but would come with the least amount of channels. DirecTV Now is likely the most expensive package but has the most to offer. While YouTube TV is likely the most convenient and well rounded option, FuboTV is a close second in that regard. Finally if you have PS3 or PS4, the convenience of having TV streamed straight to your console might trump all other factors.

Prices for all range from $25/month on through $65/month+. Most all come with a free trial period and work on most any smartphone, PC, Mac or browser, some smart TVs and many standalone players (like Apple TV and Rokus) as well.

And for the ultimate NBA regular season viewing option:

NBA League Pass is the best place to watch any NBA regular season game, but it's not the cheapest.

Full access will run you $199.99. Or $249.99/yr for commercial free. If you wish to go monthly it's $28.99 or $39.99/month respectively. This service gives you access to all regular season NBA games (that aren't already nationally airing in your area, important note there).

And their on demand feature makes all games available to watch, just 3 hours after any game airs (even nationally aired games, which is really nice). And for those just looking to follow one particular team, they offer a discounted $119.99 rate (or $17.99/month).

On top of that, you also get NBA League Pass Audio, so you can listen to all NBA games live. And if you just want the radio option, that is far cheaper as a stand alone service; something I would highly recommend for just a one time fee of $9.99.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the NBA regular season!

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