NCAA Tournament - The Complete March Madness TV & Streaming Guide

Sat Mar 16, 2019 18:08:59PM
Court before the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament National Semifinals. By: Stepshep

The NCAA Tournament (March Madness) airs on several television stations, streams on several platforms, and lasts through early April. These resources include the complete TV schedule for any round, as well as all the streaming options, video highlights and scores for any and all tournament games, on through to the finals championship.

NCAA Tournament Watching Guide Options

1) NCAA Basketball Tournament Watching Guide
Use this guide to see all the TV channels airing every game. Includes all the cable, satellite and internet TV plans and packages that include these channels as well. And if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will also see the full schedule of games, always up to date.

2) NCAA Tournament Bracket - Live Streams, Scores, and Highlight Videos
This guide provides an up-to-date March Madness tournament bracket, TV schedule with live streams for every game, as well as up-to-date scores and highlight videos for every game.

3) Complete NCAA Tournament TV Schedule
And finally for a no-nonsense, spoiler-free TV schedule of all NCAA Tournament games, give this guide a bookmark. Gives you the ability to filter by your time zone, and the option to not see which team(s) made it to the next round, until YOU want to see that info, hence the 'Avoid Spoilers' moniker.

TV Channels Airing the NCAA Tournament

TV Channels: CBS, TBS, TNT, TruTV

These are the four channels that will be airing all the NCAA Tournament games, from the Round of 64 on to the finals. Use these links to see which cable, satellite and internet TV providers offer these channels, as well as to get all the live streaming links to each one of these channels.

CBS is a local channel, so you can get that channel for free if you have good reception from a digital antenna. Otherwise, every cable, satellite and internet TV provider includes CBS in their most basic package, together with all other local channel options.

For TBS, TNT and TruTV, you will need to have a cable package of some kind. Luckily several options exist, starting as cheap as $35/month - DirecTV's Select plan offers all 4 channels (100 channels total) for $35/month. Hulu's Live TV plan comes in second cheapest at $39.99/month. Both plans give you all the channels airing every game, plus many more.

That will give you the option as well between traditional satellite service and the more versatile internet TV streaming option.

Other Streaming Options:

CBS does offer a standalone streaming service, CBS All Access. It's $5.99/month with commercials that includes a 7-day trial. Or you can get the commercial free option for $9.99/month.

You can also stream the entire tournament from the official website or from your mobile device with their app, if you have a TV provider plan. You just need to enter your cable provider's login and password info.

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