Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather: Info You Need To Know

Connor McGregor at UFC 189 World Tour.By: Andrius Petrucenia

You remember that "billion dollar super-fight" that we all knew was never going to happen? Well, it's actually happening. In just under a year the cross-platform MMA/Boxing fight has been finalized and is officially set. And although this isn't the first time this type of fight has happened, it's most definitely is the first time with two superstars such as McGregor and Mayweather. No matter who wins the actual fight, both are going to walk away from a couple months of work with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Most people are saying that McGregor has no chance at all. That he will be destroyed because "Mayweather is the greatest boxer". I understand why people are saying that, but that's just not true. Statistically speaking, McGregor does have a chance. Here's my take on why:

  • McGregor is 13 years younger than the 40-year-old Mayweather, and has both size and reach over him. There's a reason that those measurements are taken so seriously, they matter. McGregor outreaches him by two inches, and Floyd has never been outreached by that much in his career.

  • Floyd has never, ever fought anyone as unorthodox as McGregor. Obviously from a MMA/Boxing standpoint, and also from a southpaw attack/defender standpoint.

  • McGregor is a beast. He can take a beating better than anyone I've ever seen and recover almost instantly. Then take that momentum and land some extremely powerful strikes. And on that same note, McGregor also is known to have a much more powerful punch than Mayweather. And that's not just my opinion. That's directly from ex-opponents.

  • Yes, Mayweather is the undisputed boxing champ. But anyone who has actually followed his fights knows that the most commonly used weapon in his arsenal are his feet. He is a runner. He dances around most of his fights until he is either forced into contact, or the fight ends. McGregor doesn't put up with this. He will attack, and attack, and attack, and attack until he gets what he wants from Mayweather. And what he wants is that split second opening to land one of his lethal punches. One of which I don't think Mayweather will have ever felt the power of before. A no-touch win by decision is Mayweathers dream.

  • A lot of people are saying that McGregor doesn't know how to box, so he'll get destroyed.... Again, not true. In fact, McGregor was an All-Ireland Boxing Youth Champ. So he's not untrained in technical boxing. It's actually where he started. That isn't something to just be slept on. That is something that should be noted as a tick in McGregor's favor.

  • I don't see a knockout coming from Mayweather. If anything, I see McGregor knocking out Mayweather. I know.... But Mayweather is a counter-punch artist. He has absolutely NO IDEA how McGregor is going to fight. And McGregor knows EXACTLY how (or atleast 90%) Mayweather is going to fight. This leads me to lean towards one of the greatest sports upsets ever, McGregor winning.

With all that said, this fight is an absolute win/win for McGregor. He gets hundred(s) millions dollars and will become an even bigger superstar if he wins or loses. This isn't the same for Floyd at all. If he wins he beat someone who isn't known in the modern boxing world, so who really cares. If he loses, it will destroy his name and his record.

And one more thing worth mentioning, don't forget that boxing is fighting. No matter the technical aspects, measurments, record, etc, etc, there's always a chance of your opponent taking you out. Period. I wouldn't put all your eggs in the "McGregor is gonna get destroyed" basket just yet.

The fight is set for August 26th in Las Vegas. I can only imagine how much money is going to change hands that day.

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1486 days ago
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Conor is certainly right; Floyd would never enter the MMA ring. He would get completely destroyed. And yet Conor could seriously be one of the best boxers ever... Goes to show that MMA is superior to boxing, for trading punches on your feet with gloves on is just a fraction of what MMA is about, and what their fighters train for. While with boxers, it is their one and only skill.