Zika Virus Adds Yet Another Scare To the Summer Olympics.

Tue Jun 07, 2016 19:47:46PM
Categories: Summer Olympics
A Zika virus researcher at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center pipets samples.By: NIAID

Athletes have been expressing concerns of the zika virus at the summer Olympics. Now even journalists are starting to back out and not go at all. And I don't blame them a bit. I really hate to say it, but am going to be completely honest here. I sense something very bad boiling over during the Olympics. Not only does everyone have to worry about a extremely bad depression, astonishingly bad crime rate, and people on the edge of a dangerous revolution. But now, there is a super scary viral outbreak on the rise....

I just can't wrap my head around this incredibly huge, really long event will go smoothly. There is just too many demographics crammed into one area. Some good, mostly bad. If I were an athlete, I would be seriously considering staying as far away from that place as possible. I do understand that this is not just an average event we are talking about here. This is the Olympics.

Even still, the bad just outweighs the good by too far for me. I will be watching from my far away at home in the states, still scared for everyone there. And I don't want to come across as being over dramatic. But from everything that I have read and heard, I can't help but to be worried.

Oh, and I feel like I must mention one last thing. The locals. They have had to watch as their towns are torn down, stray animals scoped up and killed (maybe it helps some, but can't be good to watch), and people ran off to somewhere else. Where else? Who knows.... Why do they care. What they care about right now is making a good impression for the Olympics.

I really hope that I am wrong about all this, by the way. It would be really nice right now to see something that should be so great, stay great. We have enough bad things happening in the world right now.

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