Watch The College Baseball World Series - Complete Streaming and Viewing Guide

Fri Jun 01, 2018 01:05:53AM
2nd game of 06 finals of College World series at Rosenblatt stadium in Omaha, NC vs OregonBy: Workman

All the viewing options you could ever need to watch any College Baseball World Series game are included in this entry: TV viewing options and the full NCAA schedule, online streaming options for all kinds of devices, as well as any conference specific viewing.

TV Viewing Options

NCAA Baseball Tournament Live Stream & TV Schedule. This one stop shop style resource allows you to avoid any spoilers throughout the tournament, while also providing live links to every single game airing, as well as showing all the match-up information for every game.

ESPN will be exclusively airing every Division 1 Men's baseball World Series game on one of their many ESPN channels, including ESPN, EPSN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU. So you can also use their official resource.

Here is the full NCAA TV Broadcast Schedule. Use the filters to narrow your search down by network, schedule type, division, month, sport or even year. (I have already pre-selected everything for you, just a heads up that it's totally customizable).

You will need a cable subscription to watch in the comfort of your home, on your own TV. Of course you can always go to a bar and odds are at least one game will be airing. Likely you will have to ask the bartender to switch to XYZ ESPN affiliate station for a specific game, as they usually don't default to airing the more obscure ESPN channels. But in my experience, that's rarely an issue.

Now if you are looking to stream the games instead....

Online Viewing Options

IF You Have Cable Service -

Watch ESPN app. This service can be streamed to a wide variety of devices, including your smart TV, gaming console, smart phone or PC/Macbook. All you will need is cable login credentials (or a close friends or family members could also do the trick here). Going to that link will provide the entire schedule of events, and you can filter College Baseball World Series info on the main page.

Games stream in real time, live. Also there is post commentary, highlights and more. All ESPN channels are available through this app, including ESPNEWS.

IF You Don't Have Cable Service -

If not, consider Sling TV. It runs for $20/month. And they give you a 7-day free trial, so you can try out the service and make sure it's worth it to you. Sling TV also gives you ESPN, a handle of cable channels as well, 23 channels in total.

This will stream to any smart phone or PC/MAC, as well as a plethora of streaming devices:

Amazon FireTV, ROKU, Chromecast, XBOX, AndriodTV, and more.

SlingTV is the first to be mentioned because it's the least expensive. But there are several other options that are arguably even better, if you find yourself continuing to subscribe to an Internet TV package after the trial period. Here are a few:

YouTubeTV, HuluTV, FuboTV. These 3 options also give you a free trial period, and include ESPN in the different cable package options. Also none of them require a contract.

Playstation Vue, DirecTV with AppleTV. If you are looking a device specific option, here are a few more to consider. If you have a Playstation or Apple TV, those are certainly ones to consider just on convenience factor alone.

And finally there are a few more options still out there..

Conference Specific Options

SEC Network partners with ESPN and the Watch ESPN app. (It's owned by ESPN really) So if you are interested in any SEC baseball World Series games, you can stream the SEC Network affiliate station directly.

Or you can watch their games on the SEC Network cable channel as well. Make sure and ask your cable provider which station that will be; likely there will be a slight charge to add the service if you aren't already getting it.

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