Rio Olympic's Start with Killing of a Jaguar at Torch Ceremony

Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:16:59AM
Categories: Summer Olympics
A jaguar, in a wildlife rescue & rehabilitation centre in Formosa ProvincBy: LeaMaimone

So someone had the bright idea to chain up a jaguar so the Olympic torch holders could pose with it for pictures. It being the Brazilian Olympic's team mascot is a jaguar named Ginga. What could go wrong.... Well one dead near-extinct animal (for an idiotic reason), and a horrible and ironic start for Rio.

Supposedly the animal escaped handlers. They fired two tranquilizers at it, but it still had enough energy to keep moving towards a guard. The guard then shot it with a pistol, killing it. This infuriates me. This animal cares zero for our idiotic pictures, or what we do at all. It was chained and forced to pose with a dozen scared, hostile guards and a flame close by. Then when the animal resorts to it's natural instincts (to either escape or attack), it gets shot several times and dies. This is human fault, period. The animal didn't just wander onto an Olympic photoshoot and act violent. It was less than intelligent, selfish humans that killed it.

The Rio Organizing Committee said:

"We made a mistake in permitting the Olympic torch, a symbol of peace and unity, to be exhibited alongside a chained wild animal. This image goes against our beliefs and our values."

Yeah, that sounds a bit like passing the blame towards the jaguar. No one is buying it. It's your fault entirely. Everyone who thought that was a good idea is to blame. Obviously this has caused an uproar with animal rights activist groups around the world. But unfortunately, nothing will come from it or bring that animal, or the gorilla who was just killed due to the parents incompetence, back to life.

What a horrible start, Rio. Not that I was expecting anything less.

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