The Best Options for Watching College Baseball Games

Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:27:45PM
Houston Cougars vs Rice Owls at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, TX.By: Brianreading

College baseball is notoriously hard to find complete TV schedules and online streaming options for. So I spent some time putting together this guide to pool all the relevant information in one place, to make it easy for anyone interested. If you're looking for a list of games happening on any given day, which games are airing on TV or how to stream those games online, this guide includes all that.

Best Schedules for Watching College Baseball Games -

NCAA Baseball Schedule, TV & Live Streams. Straight to the point and spoiler-free, this all inclusive resource shows all the college baseball games happening right now and in the near future, and includes dates, times, opponent information and also includes links to purchase tickets to any game. If you're looking for a site that won't spoil the score for you before you even have a chance to see who's playing, it's worth a bookmark.

NCAA Official Scores Page. This resource automatically goes to the current date, and shows you every single Division 1 college baseball game happening on that day. You can also toggle the calender to pick any day within the season, as well as change the view to Division 2 or Divsion 3 college baseball. Great thing about the NCAA site is each game provides it's very own GAMECENTER, where you can comment on the game, vote on who you think will win, and see replays, scores and any other content the NCAA has on that particular game.

College Baseball This is also a very solid source of information. This link goes to a website dedicated to giving you every single Divsion 1 college baseball men's game, presented in calender form. Just search for the date you want, and scroll down. It's not as well presented or good looking as the official NCAA one, but it's just as effective. I recommend pressing CTRL+F is you are searching from a desktop, to keyword search for your favorite team's game and time. If the game has already aired or is in progress, you will see the score as well.

Best Streaming Options for College Baseball Games -

Only a few channels will actually air college baseball games during the regular season, and they are all ESPN affiliate channels: the Longhorn Network (LHN), ESPNU, ESPN2, ESPNEWS and the SEC Network.

If you have cable -- Most cable packages include ESPN and usually ESPN2. Check with your cable provider though if you aren't getting the other channels; most have a sports channel bundle package that shouldn't be too costly a monthly add-on.

If you don't have cable -- Luckily several online alternatives now exist to live stream ESPN and it's affiliates, that don't require the need to buy in to a whole home cable package:

  • SlingTV. This is perhaps the best option simply because it's the least expensive. TV packages start as low as $20/month, and you can try it out for free for 7 days. It's a good way to get access to the full ESPN family of channels (except Longhorn Network), plus several other channels for a decent bit cheaper than paying for full on cable.
  • YoutubeTV. Similar to Sling, you can get online cable and all ESPN sports channels (again minus Longhorn Network) through Youtube. $35/month is more expensive, but you do get many more channels for the money. And you get a month free trial.
  • Playstation Vue. If you have a PS4, consider this option as well. It's slightly more expensive than the above 2, but certainly could be worth it for the convenience factor of an app being built into a system you already use. Starting at $39.99/month with a 5-day free trial, Playstation offers it's own version of a cable package. Would recommend the 'Core' option (for $5 more a month), that gives all the ESPN channels airing college baseball games.
  • HuluTV. Another solid option. 1-week free trial and $39.99/month thereafter. Includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, and SEC Network. Only missing Longhorn Network.

***Whether you go with a cable provider or one of the alternative cable package options, you will also be able to access the WATCHESPN app, by just logging in with your username and password from the service you chose. So access will be guaranteed easy to stream no matter which device you use or where you are.

Hope this helps. I found it quite difficult to find all the info I was looking for put in one spot for watching college baseball games and getting complete schedules and streaming options, which lead me to want to write this in the first place. Leave a comment below if you happen upon any other really good resources.

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