Masters Golf Tournament - Complete TV and Streaming Guide

Tue Apr 03, 2018 18:47:31PM
18th Green at the Augusta National Golf Club By: Florian Fritsch

The first week of April means Masters in the golf world. Included is all the information you need to watch the Masters golf tournament on TV or online, for any given year. This entry is broken down into two sections, to make it easy to navigate.

TV Viewing Options

ESPN (1st and 2nd Rounds)

CBS (3rd and 4th Rounds)

The Golf Channel (Entire tournament)

There are 3 options for watching the Masters on TV, depending upon your cable and local TV access and subscriptions to certain channels. Currently and for the foreseeable future, ESPN handles coverage of the first 2 rounds of the tournament. And then you switch over to CBS for Jim Nantz and the final 2 rounds of play.

If you happen to have a subscription to The Golf Channel, the entire Masters will air live there. Not only that, but they will also air the Par 3 Contest the day before the tournament starts, as well as the 'Drive, Chip, and Putt National Finals', 'Morning Drive' and 'Live from the Masters' the few days leading up to the start of the tournament. For golf enthusiasts, this is your best option for complete coverage. Contact your cable provider and see if you can get The Golf Channel, if interested.

Online Streaming Options

1.) The Masters Official Website. This is the most interesting place to watch the Masters online. From that link, you can watch the action from 6 different channel views:

  • Masters On The Range (main stream of the tournament)
  • Par 3 Contest (the contest that happens the day before the tournament starts)
  • Featured Groups (follow the most exciting action)
  • Amen Corner (coverage of holes 11, 12, and 13 exclusively)
  • Holes 15 & 16
  • Masters Audio (full coverage, just the audio version)

The Masters site also has the best coverage of the live leaderboard, golfer tracker (to follow a player's shots and position throughout the tournament), as well as highlight videos and tee times and schedules of all golfers per day. Best part of the Masters official site, you don't need any cable login to watch.

2.) NBC / Golf Channel Streaming. This option will bring you tons of live coverage, basically all the action happening not in the time slots of either ESPN or CBS coverage. They also offer highlight videos. You will need to sign in with your cable provider's username and password though, for access.

3.) Watch ESPN. Once you login with your cable info, you can live stream the entire first and second round of the tournament from ESPN from that link.

4.) Watch CBS Sports (limited). This is perhaps the worst option, but it is still worth trying. CBS will offer the third and fourth rounds of live coverage, but only for those that have certain cable providers: COX, Optimum, Buckeye, Frontier or WOW! (whatever that last one is?). If you don't have any of those service providers, use #1-3 instead.

5.) Online TV Packages: YoutubeTV, SlingTV, HuluTV. All of these options include both ESPN and CBS live streaming channels, as well as many other cable and local channels, with no contract signing required.

SlingTV will be the least expensive option, especially if you just want to the service for the span of the Masters (1 week free trial, starting at $19.99/month thereafter).

Youtube and Hulu offer online streaming options for $35-40/month with free trials as well, and include many more channels and services.

6.) Device Specific Steaming Services: DirecTV with AppleTV, Playstation Vue, FuboTV

DirecTV offers a cable package that streams straight through your Apple TV (which they offer a deal now when signing up), with plans starting at $35/month.

Playstation owners might find it easiest to get cable through that device, with packages starting at $39.99/month, with a free trial.

FuboTV is another solid option that gives a 7-day free trial and works on smartphones via their app, chromecast, Amazon fire TV, ROKU and Apple TV as well.

Well, there you go. Every single link for streaming the Masters online, as well as all the TV viewing options. Hope that helps those looking to see the first of the four major golf tournaments, and arguably the best; the one from Augusta. Enjoy!

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