NBA Playoffs - Full TV Schedule & Online Streaming Guide

Wed Apr 11, 2018 17:26:08PM
'09 Eastern Conference Finals between Cavs and Magic, Game 1.By: Chris Metcalf

The NBA Playoffs air on many different TV channels and stream on several platforms. This guide gives you all that info, with every option available for watching on TV, streaming the games online, as well as radio streaming options.

For a no-nonsense NBA Playoffs TV schedule, use this resource. It's a one-stop shop for all the info you need -->> NBA Playoffs Schedule - Complete Schedule (with no spoilers)

For a full breakdown of all the channel options, and streaming links continue below.

TV Channels Airing Games

- ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, Local channels

The official NBA TV Schedule gives a full breakdown of all the TV channel options, as well as radio streams, along with dates, times, and ability to purchase tickets or see a game preview.

For details on each channel's lineup and access:

ABC will be airing a good amount of the prime time games. Or at least what they consider prime time. Luckily you don't need a cable subscription to access this channel. A digital antenna can pick up ABC for free. Or you likely have local channels already included in your basic or extended cable package.

ESPN and TNT will air almost all the other NBA Playoff games. You will need a basic cable account to access these channels. Or of course, you can always go to a local bar or restaurant that is known for airing sporting events to get around that.

Of course, if you have NBA TV as part of your cable channel lineup, you can watch any games that ABC, ESPN or TNT don't air. For blackout reasons, NBA TV can't air a lot of games the other channels have contracts for already. But they will also be airing highlights and have plenty of NBA Playoffs commentary that's worthwhile.

If you don't already have NBA TV, I would recommend asking your cable provider the costs for getting it for about a month. Here's a list of all the cable providers that have NBA TV available to add to your package.

Online Streaming Options

Watch ESPN, Watch TNT

WatchESPN. For all games airing on ESPN and ABC, use this link. It works on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, as long as you have your login info (or someone else is nice enough to allow you possibly borrow theirs?, just a thought).

You will also find many options for highlights, recaps and pre-game commentary of each game there as well.

Watch TNT. For all games airing on TNT, use this link. Just sign in with your cable login info, and you are good to stream their channel live.

Online cable packages and streaming devices options:

Sling TV. If you don't already have cable, this is a great substitute option. Sling TV is a cable provider that offers ESPN, ABC and TNT, as well as many other channels. You can get a 7-day free trial. Then it's $20-$40/month, depending upon which package you choose. Not bad if you just sign up for a month, to watch all the NBA Playoff games. I believe the $20 package should get you all three. You can also cancel anytime, so that's good.

YouTubeTV, HuluTV, FuboTV. Similar to SlingTV, these 3 services offer local channels, TNT and ESPN, but they also offer more selection and features than Sling, for a marginally higher rate. Worth giving each a look. All 3 also offer a free trial period, and work on multiple devices and browsers.

Playstation Vue, DirecTV with AppleTV. If you have a Playstation or an Apple TV already, a great option already exists for you to get what equates to a basic cable package, that streams directly through either device. Vue is a little pricier than other options, but you get a free trial as well and is very convenient for Playstation users. Same goes for Apple TV owners that don't already have cable; you can get a basic DirecTV package, though the free trial is not always available. Give those links a try to see current promotions.

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