Watch the NBA Playoffs, TV & Streaming Options

Mon Aug 10, 2020 13:47:55PM
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To watch any NBA Playoff game, this guide has you covered. Included are all the current dates, times, match-ups and streaming links for any playoff game as well as all the cable, internet and satellite TV options for viewing any game.

Watch NBA Playoff Games - Live Stream Guide

Use this guide to see a complete run down of all NBA Playoffs coverage for every round, including channels, air times, announcers calling the game and live stream links.

NBA Playoffs - Cable Providers and Full Schedule

Use this guide to see all the cable providers and plans that carry every channel airing an NBA Playoff game, as well as the entire NBA Playoffs schedule.

For a full breakdown of all the TV channel options and individual streaming links continue below.

TV Channels Airing Games


ABC will air some games from the first round, semifinals and is the exclusive home for NBA Finals coverage. Luckily you don't need a cable subscription to access ABC; a digital antenna hooked up to your television can pick up ABC for free. Or ABC comes standard as part of your local TV lineup in most any basic or extended cable package.

ESPN and TNT will air almost all the other NBA Playoff games. Both channels air games from the first round, the semifinals and they split coverage of the Conference Championships. You will need a basic cable account to access these channels. Or of course, you can always go to a local bar or restaurant that is known for airing sporting events to get around that.

Of course, if you have NBA TV as part of your cable channel lineup, you can watch any games that ABC, ESPN or TNT don't air, from the first round. For blackout reasons, NBA TV can't air a lot of games the other channels have contracts for already. But they will also be airing highlights and have plenty of NBA Playoffs commentary throughout.

Cable TV and Streaming Options

Cable TV - Spectrum, U-Verse, Verizon Fios, Xfinity
Satellite TV - DirecTV, Dish Network
Internet TV packages - AT&T TV Now, YouTubeTV

All of these providers offer all 4 TV channels (ESPN, ABC, TNT, NBA TV) airing the NBA Playoffs. Options include traditional cable, satellite TV or internet TV packages for the growing community of cord-cutters.

WatchESPN. For all games airing on ESPN and ABC, use this link. It works on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, as long as you have your login info (or someone else is nice enough to allow you possibly borrow theirs?, just a thought).

You will also find many options for highlights, recaps and pre-game commentary of each game there as well.

Watch TNT. For all games airing on TNT, use this link. Just sign in with your cable login info, and you are good to stream their channel live.

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