Watching the NFL Draft - Live Coverage & Results

Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:13:32PM
Staff for NFL teams at the 2010 NFL Draft. By: Marianne O'Leary

The NFL Draft will be adding 253 newcomers to the sport over a 3-day period. To watch every bit of coverage, use this guide. Info is broken down into three sections to make it easier: Watching Coverage on TV, Streaming Coverage Online, and Following Draft Results Online.

Watching Coverage on TV

The 2018 NFL Draft will air both on FOX (first 3 rounds) and the NFL Network in its entirety:

April 26th - First round. Coverage begins @ 8:00pm ET.
April 27th - 2nd and 3rd round. Coverage begins @ 7:00pm ET.
April 28th - 4th - 7th round. Coverage begins @ 12:00pm ET.

Pre-Draft coverage:

The NFL Network will be airing Path To The Draft on April 26th, at 11:00am ET, and then NFL Draft Kickoff starting at 1:00pm ET, and ending just as the live coverage begins.

Streaming Coverage Online

FoxSportsGO. The first 2 days and first 3 rounds of the NFL draft will be streaming live from Fox from this link. You can access this coverage from any web browser, or use the FoxSportsGO app on your mobile device. You will need to login with your cable credentials to stream.

NFL Network Online. If you have NFL Network, you can stream the entire NFL Draft, all 7 rounds, live from this link. You just have to sign in with your login info.

NFL Mobile on Verizon Wireless. Finally, if you have a Verizon cell phone, you can stream the entire NFL Draft live to your phone, at no additional cost using the NFL Mobile app.

Online Cable Providers - SlingTV, Playstation Vue, FuboTV

Several options exist for this category, but only 3 offer live streaming for Fox and NFL Network. SlingTV is slightly the cheapest option at $39.99/month, and that comes with a 7-day free trial (wink wink). FuboTV offers a discounted first monthly rate of $19.99 and $44.99 thereafter. And if you own a Playstation, you might find their cable package the most user friendly, also at $44.99/month with a free trial as well.

All 3 options include dozens of other channels with the service and you might find yourself using the TV package well beyond the draft, if you don't already have one.

Audio Streaming:

SiriusXM NFL Radio, Channel 88. If you have Sirius and won't be able to watch, this is a great option.

ESPN Radio, local affiliate. Check local programming channel options using that link.

NFL on TuneIn. TuneIn radio will also be audio streaming the NFL Draft live.

Following Draft Results Online

Here are all the major NFL Draft trackers. They are all covering the NFL Draft live and in its entirety. All these options allow for you to filter by school, name, team, position. And all trackers post results in real-time, live. Draft Tracker. Official NFL Draft tracker with live page refresh. You will also see recaps, commentary and more from that link.

ESPN NFL Draft Center. If you prefer, ESPN is also announcing results in real-time along with their own live coverage, with all the same options of

CBS Sports Draft Tracker. This is a really good draft tracker too. Might be the best looking one actually. All personal preference.

Fox Sports Draft Tracker. Fox is also doing a big board, live draft tracker.

Spotrac NFL Draft Tracker. This is a very interesting tracker. It shows rookie contract details like 'Total Value', 'Signing Bonus' and '2017 Cap' for every position drafted, along with information the other sites show.

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