Champions League - Complete TV & Online Streaming Guide

Wed Apr 26, 2017 13:38:06PM
Champions League Match, Arsenal vs. Marseille, Nov 26, 2013. By: Ronnie Macdonald

Here is a guide for catching every match you'd ever want to see in Champions League soccer. Not only will it provide you with the schedule and calendar, but it also contains other options for watching, such as online streaming on PC or app, as well as physical locations where you can watch each match at your nearest bar.

TV Schedule

You can find the schedule in two different locations. Foxsports has a breakdown of future matches, as well as shows a real-time schedule. Although, CBSSports would be my go-to for all my soccer-watching needs. It not only shows you the schedule, but it also covers full TV listings, scores and results. If you click on the match link, it will take you to the breakdown and commentary on the match. For you ESPN fans out there, they also offer a schedule and match breakdown.

Online Streaming

For this particular league, the pickings are slimmer than usual. BT Sport still has almost exclusive rights to the Champions League streaming. From what I have discovered, accessing BT Sport is a little tricky for U.S watchers. Have no fear, I found two options for the U.S fans. Fubo TV is a good start. Instead of getting a cable subscription or using an existing one, all you have to do is pay a $15 subscription. Not bad, compared to the $100 plus cable subscriptions that we see today. Foxsoccer2go, is another viable option for $19 a month, you receive access to games, as well as match highlights.


If accessing your computer isn't an option, Foxsoccer2go offers an app that works on both Andriod and IOS. Simply click here to download the app.

Bar Watching

For those of you who are more old-school, and prefer watching a match from a bar stool. Then site is pretty killer. I've already filtered it to the U.S. All you have to do is click on your state and city, and it will provide a list of bars that show soccer matches.

Highlights and Replays

If you're a YouTube fan, or didn't catch a particular match, here are two different YouTube channels that will scratch that itch. Fox Soccer's channel contains highlights of each match. Also, UEFA has it's own channel as well. They're both worth a look.

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