Indianapolis 500 TV Schedule & Streaming Guide

Wed Aug 19, 2020 17:05:59PM

Pace lap of the 2016 Indianapolis 500.By: Doctorindy

Memorial day weekend equals the Indianapolis 500. That's just the way it is for race fans. For those fans looking for a quick rundown of how to watch the Indy 500, look no further.

TV Schedule for Indy 500

Sunday, August 23rd

Indianapolis 500, 2:30 p.m. EST on NBC

You can watch the race for free on NBC if you have a digital antenna and live close enough to your local NBC affiliate tower. Otherwise NBC comes standard in all cable packages that include local channels.

Tune in 30 minutes before the green flag waves to watch the invocation and national anthem.

Streaming Options

NBC Sports - NBC owns the rights to all broadcasting of the Indianapolis 500, so this is the best way to stream all the action. You can watch the entire Indianapolis 500 on your computer or mobile device using their app, which provides live coverage of the full race, with replays, highlights, and more.

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