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Tue Jun 20, 2017 15:38:37PM
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Ricardo Dominguez squares off with Rafael Ortiz, 9/8/2005.

Here is your one-stop-shop for everything boxing, be it TV, pay-per-view (PPV), or online, you're covered. While most other sporting events have only a small handful of options, boxing apparently has an armload.

TV Viewing Options

NBC Premier Boxing Champions


Showtime PPV

FoxSports & FS1


Depending on whether or not you have a cable subscription, fights can be viewed via multiple cable channels, as well as on pay-per-view. NBC hosts its own boxing series called Premier Boxing Champions, which is broadcast through many networks. It's schedule can be found here. HBO has four different options for watching fights, it has HBO Sports channel, HBO Boxing After Dark, HBO PPV, and HBO Boxing World Championship. This link will take you to their schedule, where you can view upcoming fights, as well as past fights. You can access their pay-per-view option for those exclusive fights as well. Showtime, is another network to check out for fights. There, you will find upcoming and past fights, both PPV and non. Here you can access their on-demand and streaming schedule, but you'll need your cable subscriber info handy. FS1 is another cable-based channel. There, you will find live broadcasts for fights, as well as news coverage, and commentary. FS1 is typically included in most cable packages. ESPN's schedule can be found here, as well. Pay-per-view can be accessed through many cable providers.

Online Streaming Options




Fox Sports Go


Top Rank TV


HBO NOW, is good for checking out past fights, but doesn't have a live streaming option. It's sister, HBO GO, does, however. Both, of course, are subscription-based, either monthly or accessed, using your cable subscription info. Showtime also has a streaming option that is very similar to that of HBO. You can stream fights via Or for those with mobile devices, you can download the app for Fox Sports Go , which is also a good option, using your cable provider login. SlingTV, is a subscription-based streaming service for those who do not have access to a cable subscription, or want to forego fox and HBO altogether. For those of you who prefer pay-per-view, there are two other streaming services I would recommend. Top Rank TV and FITE. While FITE is capable of streaming through multiple devices, Top Rank TV, is a tad limited, but is still a good option.

Online Highlights

Boxing Channel

All the best fights


While finding your fight live can prove to be a bit challenging, finding its highlights are a cinch. Boxing Channel is a site dedicated to not only complete coverage of all fights, it provides highlights, commentary and news articles. Its Youtube channel can be found here. All the best fights, is a site that ranks fights by year, which is an interesting concept. Youtube has many sports channels that have boxing highlights, some exclusively dedicated to boxing and MMA. Fight Hub TV, is a good place to start, as well as major sports channels such as ESPN.

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