Attending an NFL Football Game In-Depth Guide

Tue Sep 01, 2020 17:17:18PM
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Seattle Seahawk's Stadium Packed for Dallas Cowboys GameBy: unwritten

There are tons of things to consider when attending an NFL game. Some of which include buying tickets, food and drink, parking and tailgating just to name a few. The experience of actually being at an NFL game can be eye-opening and pretty amazing. The first time I went to a Dallas Cowboy's home game I was blown away by just how big the spectacle really was. All of this can be quite overwhelming for even a seasoned fan. I've put together this guide so that you can be prepared for your experience.

Get Your Tickets Early:

The most important category of all. Here is a great source for the entire NFL schedule and ticket purchasing. Ticket prices go up and down for numerous reasons. Preseason tickets are usually the cheapest, while playoff tickets can shoot up to several hundred dollars. Super Bowl tickets are in a whole different category, being up to $2,500 to $3,500.

Another thing keep in mind if you didn't get tickets online or before the game, plan extra time for standing in line. I have had this happen to me. Ticket lines can be quite long and time consuming, considering a lot of people still purchase their tickets at the gate. You don't want to miss the national anthem because of this. It's probably my favorite part of the game.

The Best View:

You want to aim for seats between rows 10-20 on the 50 yard line. That way you can see the entire field and have the best chance to catch the action either side. You're also not so high/low that you can't see the ball. This can change a bit depending on which stadium you're attending, but generally, this is the the way to go. Seating can make or break the game. Though I should warn that the closer you get to those seats, the more money you'll be forking over.

Dress For and Take Advantage of the Weather:

Pro Tip- Always bring a jacket or sweater with you to the game. Even if it's nice and warm at 7pm when you get there, there's a good chance it's going to cool down significantly. Thank me later. Most people don't want to go to games when it's cold or raining outside, their coziness is your gain. Take this opportunity to grab yourself some cheap tickets. Most vendors greatly lower their prices when the stadium isn't selling out.


Remember to bring extra cash for all the other stuff. Parking usually costs between 15-50 bucks. It used to be the only way to pay for parking was cash, but now it really shouldn't be a problem paying with you debit card. Just always be prepared to pay with cash. And generally speaking, the more you pay the closer you'll be to the stadium when it's time to leave. And if at all possible, take public transportation. Taking the train is not only cheaper and better for the environment, but it also allows you a safe way to get home if you've been drinking alcohol.


Last but not least, food and drink. In my experience, most stadiums have decently priced concessions. But don't confuse that with cheap. They're just not up to the same amount of insane as movie theaters. I would say for two (alcohol consuming) people to bring an extra $75 for food and drink. This is not to say you won't surpass $75, but I have personally not spent that much at a game with 2 people.

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