Forum Rule : Do Not Violate Civil Laws

Do Not Violate Civil Laws

The main two things to watch out for are copyright law and defamation. Do not post entire articles in our forums as the author owns the work and it is copyright violation. Post no more than 2-3 paragraphs and include a link to the article you wish to cite or discuss instead. Also, be aware that you could be liable for what you write on the Internet and be the target of defamation lawsuits. So avoid non credible or unfounded attacks or harassment of people, businesses or groups.

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Do Not Post Copyrighted Material
When you are posting something that someone else wrote, you must adhere to copyright laws. So do not copy more than two paragraphs of an article AND be sure to include a link to the article in the post. This way, people can simply click on the article and read it from its source. If you add more than two paragraphs or fail to include a link to the source the post will be removed. Repeated violations could result in your account being closed.
Do Not Defame Anyone