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NFL Standings

Seahawks at Redskins 10/6/14Seahawks at Redskins 10/6/14By: Keith Allison
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  • NFL Football - Watch or Stream Any Game of the Season
    This complete NFL regular season viewing guide includes all the options you'll ever need to watch or listen to any NFL game during any regular season, either on your TV, computer, radio or mobile device.Watch NFL Football Games - Live Stream Guide.
  • Attending an NFL Football Game In-Depth Guide
    There are tons of things to consider when attending an NFL game. Some of which include buying tickets, food and drink, parking, and tailgating just to name a few. The experience of actually being at an NFL game can be eye-opening and pretty amazing. The first time I went to a Dallas Cowboy's home game I was blown away by just how big the spectacle really was.
  • Time Wasting Tricks NFL Teams Use To Eat Clock, Win Games
    When the game is close and every second counts, that's when smart NFL teams pull their best tricks. Those time wasting plays that eat the clock and destroy the other team's chances at a comeback can be all the difference between a .500 team and a playoff contender.
  • Should NFL Players Make Less Than NBA, MLB Players?
    Does it make any sense to you that the average salary for NBA and MLB players is ~2 to 3 times more than an average NFL player? Add to that the NFL generates considerably more revenue than either of these two sports (almost combined by below sources), and it makes it even more shocking.
  • Moving Extra Point Back 13 yards is a Horribly Stupid NFL Rule Change
    I think the stupidest rule change in the NFL was moving the extra point back. It adds no value to the game. People get excited about blocking, scrambling, running & passing and the work required to get a score.It's like all this skill and excitement to score 6 points and then just some mundane zero excitement single point try.Just watch.
  • Why The Franchise Tag Happens, And Why The Player Involved Should Be Understanding
    The NFL franchise tag was set into place by the league to allow for teams to hold on to one of their top talents. Usually a top-flight player gets saddled with a franchise tag if the team needs some more time to negotiate a long term contract with the player, or to buy some time so that the team's salary cap issues get better settled from prior year commitments still on the books.

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