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2018 Banned Super Bowl Ads

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    First up, we have an ad that was not supposed to actually run as a typical TV commercial, but instead be a one-page flyer for the Super Bowl program at the actual game. The controversy lies in the single line '#PleaseStand' at the top of the ad. The NFL rejected the ad from the American Veterans organization citing they don't participate in political advertising.

    Clearly this ad is not just to raise money for Vets, even though that's what a majority of the ad does. It was to take a stance against all the kneeling protests that happened from the NFL players during the regular season. And to seemingly propose that it's unpatriotic to do so. Or at least that's the implication I get from it.

    But for the NFL to say that don't want to get 'political' in their advertising to me seems a coward's way out. And also blatantly untrue. They have allowed very politically driven ads many times, especially recently.

    I think the NFL would love for this whole kneel/stand issue to just die, and obviously it's not going to any time soon.

    NFL Rejects 'Please Stand' Ad from Veterans Group

    The second 'banned' ad comes from PETA. They love creating what they call Super Bowl commercials that they know will never actually be aired, to promote being vegan. And this year they got James Cromwell to join in, a long time vegan activist himself:

    Thoughts on either controversy? I think the PETA ad is actually quite well done. And even though it's a little disingenious and slanted, it even still raises an important point about factory farming in general that we all too conveniently want to just sweep under the rug.

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    Heard they tried to charge PETA twice the fee to run a commercial, like $10 million vs $5 million. Not sure if that's true or not. Might have just been PETA trying to make a splash. Either way, at least that ad was way more 'TV acceptable' over their sex ad from a few years ago 'Last Longer'.
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    You know, an organization like PETA could really do a lot of good in this world. But unfortunately, PETA has turned into a bunch of self-righteous and hypocritical attention seekers. That ad is ridiculous. I cringed a little when I saw they were using a priest to represent their point of view, but the end words "Go Vegan" were just too over the top.

    This is just blatant "YOU'RE WRONG. WE ARE RIGHT" tactics.