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Offsides Replay in Hockey is One of the Stupidest Rules in Sports

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    This has been a huge pet peeve of mine for awhile. You can have an exciting goal overturned because a minute earlier someone crossed a line an inch too far. It had no affect on the actual goal unlike other penalties that could be called like goalie interference.

    And there are so many puck changes in hockey. This isn't a turnover like in football or even basketball. Teams are constantly going back and forth on the rink. Nobody really cares that much in hockey if you give up the puck as long as it is not a breakaway. Heck, teams decide to do a change and just throw the puck to their opponent.

    So why something that has so little value (giving the puck back to the other team) in of itself be allowed to overturn a goal a minute later?

    Completely stupid.

    I just want some playoff game winning goal to be overturned by this stupid replay after everyone celebrates making it to the Stanley Cup. Please. And have it overturned by this stupid rule and have that team lose. Then I bet they will finally get rid of nonsense offsides replay.

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    Same for me. I love watching a good hockey game, but there's just so many unnecessary offside and icing calls. It makes for way too many pauses in the game. It also ruins opportunities for some exciting plays.