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#MeToo directly effects all Super Bowl 52 Ads

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    Super bowl ads are pretty synonymous with selling beer and, let's be honest, selling sex. Or at least they have been for decades by and large. Of course they hawk other stuff like cars and online stuff. But you get my point.

    For Super Bowl 51, I think we all started to see a trend of women empowerment/gender equality ads in response to the cultural spotlight those issues gained throughout that year. And for 2018 and Super Bowl 52, it's no surprise that the #MeToo movement is effecting the tone of Super Bowl ads across the board.

    While I haven't seen any #MeToo ads specifically, its clear no advertiser is wanting to sell sex this year. Perhaps that trend started last year. But it's full effects are on display in 2018. It's been reported not one single ad will be 'sexy' this year, at least not in a way that objectifies women. Sure, Chris Pratt goes shirtless for a few seconds. But that's about it.

    In no way am I saying this is a bad thing at all. Just find it interesting how Super Bowl advertisers have their pulse on what does and doesn't fly in culture in the given year, and how they adapt accordingly. In fact if you want to see what did and didn't fly in a given year culturally speaking, all you have to do is look at that year's Super Bowl ads as a whole.

    Do you think this will be the new norm for advertising going forward? Or do you think a backlash is coming?