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Philadelphia Eagles Defeat New England Patriots At Super Bowl LII

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    What a crazy game! The Eagles have defeated the Patriots 41 - 33. That was by far the best Super Bowl I have seen in a really long time. To think that the Eagles would end up winning the Super Bowl a few months back was just insane. I was really afraid of Brady coming back late in the 3rd, as he's known for doing just that. But nope! The Eagles were absolutely prepared for that exact situation.

    Congrats Eagles!

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    Good to see Brady fumble and cost the Pats a chance to win, he’s had more then his share of success. Congrats Eagles.
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    It was one of the best Super Bowls right up to Brady's attempted last Hail Mary to the end zone. That ball could easily have bounced into a New England player's hands. I was happy for Nick Foles. The better team won.
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    It seems there is always controversy around plays. Three that have been highlighted in the media are 1) the Clement to Foles reception for a touchdown (supposedly not enough men on the line of scrimmage), 2) the Foles to Clement TD when Clement seemed to momentarily lose control of the ball before stepping out of bounds, and 3) the bobbled touchdown by Ertz (did he establish himself as a runner, rather than receiver when he bobbled the ball as he hit the turf crossing the goal line). After looking at the replays again and again, I think the referees got it right in all three instances.

    If you are a Patriots fan you will also argue that the Gronk got interfered with on Brady's last Hail Mary pass into the end zone. That one is a real stretch.

    The NFL rule on when is a reception not a reception needs to be clarified or changed. I agree that there is not consistency, but I do believe that all of the Philadelphia scores were legitimate.