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Winter Olympic commercials for the Super Bowl

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    NBC did a pretty good job this year promoting the Winter Olympics during the Super Bowl. If you didn't catch all of them, they did 5 expose ads, all 60 seconds a piece, on some of the most popular Team USA Olympians competing this year. Plus a main promo ad.

    There's one on Shaun White and another on Lindsey Vonn. Those two are the most well known I think. Also 3 more on snowboarder Chloe Kim, figure skater Nathan Chen and skier Mikaela Shiffrin.

    Pretty cool to see their back stories in each of them. Also I like how each take a different angle depending upon the sport and the personality of the athlete. All worth a watch.

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    I kind of like this approach. For me, winter athletes are hard to keep track of. Ads like those at least give me something to go off of, instead of just rooting for a whole team. It's nice to be able to follow an athlete that you're familiar with.
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    I think I saw more Olympic ads than ever have before during a Super Bowl. Wow, they're selling it hard this year. It's probably because NBC holds all of the keys.