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The first triple axel in Olympic's history

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    "A triple axel turns psychics into poetry". Good quote from the vid below.

    Only 2 other women have ever successfully pulled off a triple axel in competition, period. But no one has ever done it in the Olympics, until Mirai Nagasu. It's a bit of a shame that her historic feat only helped her team win the bronze medal. But that aside, she did just make history.

    Given how hard it is to pull off, this will be one of the top highlights probably from the whole Olympics this year.

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    That's crazy. I was lucky enough to just kind of naturally know how to ice skate. I got on the ice and had a good grasp of the mechanics within minutes. Not that I could keep up with a seasoned skater at all, but I could get around. But anything more than that is pretty scary.

    The fact they can do this at all, let alone under as much pressure as at the Olympics is incredible.

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    Wow. I had no clue that this wasn't a common thing. Now at least I know what invokes the "oohs and the ahs" more in figure skating, especially the Olympics.