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Sleeper Prospects at the NFL Combine

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    The most important event for players to show what they have to offer the NFL is here. It's NFL combine time! Though we still have about 2 months until the actual 2018 draft, the combine is absolutely critical to everyone. So much info is still unknown or examined. Medical reports aren't completed. Scouts that have spent months/years evaluating players may have yet to even speak to them. So I can't imagine the stress of the athletes who finally get a chance to physically show the most important people what they can do.

    When talking prospects or show-runners, It's easy to go with players like Baker Mayfield or Saquon Barkley. But it's much more fun to predict the sleepers. The few that will stand out among the crowd, even though they were barely mentioned with the stars. The combine gives those the perfect opportunity to show out.

    Anyone have any sleepers you want to point out?

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    OK. We need a thread on top 5 booms and top 5 busts. So everyone can revisit one year from now or five. I'm gonna post. I think it'll be fun!