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March Madness and the FBI Probe

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    So the FBI has been conducting a months long investigation into the 'underbelly' of college basketball, mainly dealing with bribery and corruption between coaches and recruiters with the athletes and their families.

    On February 23rd, Yahoo! Sports released an exclusive federal document that contained a confiscated ledger kept by former NBA agent Andy Miller and his agency, ASM Sports. In this ledger, there are detailed expense reports on dozens of players and coaches that in some way, shape or fashion took money from them. From cash advances to entertainment and travel expenses for the athletes and their families, the list is pretty extensive, and they range anywhere from a measly $71.39 to $52,472.72.

    Encourage you to read the full report to wrap your head around it.

    Ok. So there's that. So now what?

    Yes, students, families and coaches seemed to have been caught taking money, which is currently 100% against NCAA rules. But should those rules even exist? All this wouldn't even be an issue if student athletes were paid. And in a multi-billion dollar industry, I think it's safe to say a majority of people looking at this situation say the profits should be shared with the athletes. Curious if anyone here thinks differently on that one...

    Also, March Madness is just around the corner. More than 20 programs are potentially up for some kind of suspension. Do you think the NCAA is going to act BEFORE the tournament? You have teams like Duke, LSU, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas, Virginia, and on and on in that list. Do you think they will be looking at suspensions for their coaches, players or even the whole programs right before the biggest time of the year for the NCAA? I think not. But yeah, maybe.

    The second option that could impact the tournament is a player strict. It's being discussed online. Though I don't see that happening either.

    What seems most likely is the NCAA will delve out punishment AFTER the fact. So what seems a real possibility now is the winner of this year's NCAA tournament could have their title stripped, just like Louisville in 2013.

    Lastly, and hopefully what could come of this is a serious discussion and re-evaluation into why this 'underbelly' exists in the first place, and what could be done to ensure this doesn't just continue to take place. 100% these are not the only schools doing something like this. You found one single ledger from one single NBA recruitment service, and think that's all that's going on? Feels like the tip of a gigantic iceberg to me.

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    Here's Sportscenter's take on how this could impact the tournament, with some commentary on paying student athletes as well.

    Also a good read on this scandal: The NCAA Must Change the Rules in Order to Solve College Basketball’s Existential Crisis

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    I 100% think the athletes should be paid. I have never seen a side that's been able to back up opposing that, at least not in a way that universally good for everyone.

    I also think there's about zero chance anything will come of this before the tournament, if any at all. That's their bread and butter.