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Richard Sherman Signs 3-Year Contract With 49ers

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    Richard Sherman has signed a 3-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Sherman told ESPN that the deal is worth up to $39.15 million. I'm pretty surprised by this. Not because the 49ers aren't a good team, but because he flowed so well with the Seahawks. Seems like a really big change to me. Sherman also said that after being released by the Seahawks on Friday, he also had interests from the Packers, Texans, Buccaneers, Lions Titans and Raiders. I feel like he would have wanted to be with the Packers or Lions. But I guess that's the 49ers win. They definitely need a guy like Sherman on the team

    The 49ers face off against the Seahawks twice this year, so we'll see how each team respond to the changes.

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    Yeah, I think this is a good fit for both him and the 49ers. His contract is incentive heavy, so he has to produce well to get that full $39m. Good chance he will. Coming off the ACL injury, I'm sure he wants to prove he is still elite. Maybe this will be the start of the 49ers getting back to prominence. Or at least much more competitive.

    This is great timing honestly, as the Rams are now very good. The Cardinals could be very good again this year when David Johnson comes back, and if they decide to draft a QB. And the Seahawks are always in the mix. If the 49ers can manage to make a few more good moves, the NFC West has a chance to be one of the best divisions in the whole NFL.