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Best Sweet Sixteen Matchups

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    Of all the Sweet Sixteen match-ups, I am most excited for those 3 in bold:

    9 Kansas State vs 5 Kentucky
    11 Loyola Chicago vs 7 Nevada
    3 Michigan vs 7 Texas A&M
    11 Syracuse vs 2 Duke
    1 Kansas vs 5 Clemson
    3 Texas Tech vs 2 Purdue
    9 Florida State vs 4 Gonzaga
    1 Villanova vs 5 West Virginia

    Loyola has been sort of an out of nowhere surprise team for me this year that I was lucky enough to watch a majority of their first two wins, both coming in the last few seconds. Probably my favorite underdog still alive in the tournament, with a legit chance. So naturally I'm biased against Nevada.

    Syracuse is a close second though. Wouldn't be crazy if 2 11 seeds made it to the finals? I know it won't happen. Just hope that it will. But I did pick Duke to win it all, so there's that.

    I had Duke playing Gonzaga in the finals in most of my brackets actually. So my picks are biased to underdogs and my bracket picks. Either way, I see those being the most exciting games to watch out for, for the Sweet 16. Wanted to share and see if anyone here agrees.

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    Kansas vs Clemson. Clemson just destroyed Auburn last round so I'm really interested to see how they hang with Kansas. That and the Gonzaga game. I picked that school as my favorite a few years ago and have ever since always been partial to rooting for them. I thought for sure they would play Xavier, but they'll play the team that beat Xavier, so just as good.
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    Turned out to be a great game:

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    That really was a great game. I'm excited about the Elite Eight too. I favorite part about this whole tournament is the EE and the FF. The first and second round is just way too congested, but the final three rounds are nice and straight forward.