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Scott Darling Is A Wonderful and Needed Gem For the Blackhawks

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    What a great surprise for Blackhawk fans. The backup goalie, Scott darling was pulled after Crawford let 3 goals through in the first period of game 1. Since then he has been just amazing. At first there was some talk of him just getting lucky with easy blocks or not a lot of shots on goal. You can't say that now! Game 4 was amazing. If I have ever seen a goalies game, it was that one. Neither goalie was letting a puck through in almost 80 minutes. And that was not from a lack of shots or impressive ones for that matter. There was plenty of fast, tricky, and confusing pucks thrown at both. Every shot that was taken from both teams had the net written all over it.

    But in the end, the Blackhawks prevail! The game ended at 3-2 after an impressively long, hard earned battle. This puts the Hawks at 3-1 over the predators for the series.

    Game 5 is at 9:30 tomorrow (4/23)
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    Triple overtime is proof of that. What a stressful and super impressive performance it was to watch Darling in only his, what, 3rd or 4th start in a game ever? And not to mention this is the playoffs. He showed great pose and skill, not to mention incredible endurance in Game 4. I was really impressed. Hard to see Crawford getting his job back at this point in the playoffs. Darling has been great so far, and he is such a big presence at the goal (6'5'' maybe 6'6'' right?) that it really seems a no brainer to ride the hot hand there.