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Tiger Woods at the 2018 Masters

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    Tiger Woods has won the Masters 4 times in his career. Of course everyone knows he has fallen from grace the last half decade basically. But it sort of appears he is climbing back into relevance as of late, finishing as high as 2nd in the Valspar Championship event in March, with a few top 10-20 finishes otherwise. Seems like he is getting some confidence back.

    Makes me wonder if the first major of the year can go well for Tiger, and cause him to turn on a redemption tour? The last few years he hasn't even been able to make it to the tournament due to injuries and whatnot. He did place 4th in 2010, 2011 and 2013. So he has a long history of playing well at Augusta.

    Anyone think he can finish in the top 5, or even take it all? Also, The New York Times is going as far as having a Tiger Woods live tracker blog on his performance throughout the whole tournament, if interested.

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    I don't think so. I think the competition is stiffer for Tiger vs the years he dominated early on in his career. Top 20 at the best, if he even qualifies past day 2.
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    I don't know.. It seems like he keeps doing this same routine over and over, or at least that what the media shows it as. A scandal pops up, he plays awful, then takes a small hiatus. Once the scandal wears off, everyone then starts talking about how the "champ is on his way back." But nothing extraordinary happens. I just don't see it ever happening.

    Just yesterday I heard about one of his exe's coming back to haunt him about this or that.

    Tiger is one of those athletes that has to have a clean slate in order to perform at their best. Basically meaning that if he's in the tabloids, you can bet he's not going to perform. Maybe if he can just stay out of the tabloids for a while, he could actually win like we all know he can. So considering the stories I've been seeing about this new scandal, I'm going to guess he'll get 4+ placing.

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    Well he isn't out of it yet. I think -4 is the best score for the first round. But yeah, not the greatest start either..

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    It's hard to tell. He's currently at T27 right now. I came across a USA Today article with the title "

    What's the cut rule at the Masters? Some big-name players in danger of missing it". The article of course is referring to Tiger. I think as non pro athletes fans take for granted how much talent it takes just to be at the bottom of the Masters leader board. It's obvious he's still playing that head game with himself. Then again you're right, he is facing stiffer competition now. Not to mention, he isn't as young as he used to be.

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    After watching a good bit of Tiger play in this tournament, I think he is improving quite a bit. He isn't dominate anymore and likely won't ever be again. But he is still really good at times. He had some great shots in this tournament (along with many bad ones), but it was overall fun to watch him be in the mix in a major.

    He finished +1 overall. But hey.. at least he made the day 2 cut. Happy That's improvement for him the last few years. Here's how the last round for him played out -