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Jordan Spieth's incredible Masters performance

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    Jordan Spieth is having an historic last round at The Masters, and great comeback. Started the day off -5 under. He is now posed to win it all with a -9 on the day through 16, making him -14 overall and currently tied for 1st place.

    The Masters lowest single round score ever at Augusta is a 63, which has happened twice. And it's been over 20 years since Greg Norman did it in 1996. Spieth is on pace to match, or even beat that all time record.

    Spieth's putting and short game is probably the best in the game when he is streaking, and that's definitely the case for the final round. Will post some more stuff once it's over with. Even if he doesn't win, this is still incredible to watch.

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    Damn. He missed a tough short put on the 18th, to finish out with a 64 on the last day. Still a great round. 9 birdies in a single day, that's awesome. He is 2 shots out from Reed at the moment, so he needs some help to go for a playoff or win it all. But definitely still a possibility..