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Drafting 2 QBs in the First Round?

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    Is this a good idea? Heard the Browns are actually considering drafting 2 quarterbacks with their #1 and #4 picks in the draft, just to secure the position, in case one qb doesn't work out OR one gets hurt down the line. So for depth and security reasons.

    But is there any real merit to this strategy?? I excepted to google this and find only negative opinion articles, but to my surprise, it's a bit more split with sports writers than I thought.

    Do you think it's at all wise to double down in a single draft on just the qb position? Seems to me a pure desperation move as you are giving up the chance to get a first round talent at another position, not trusting your ability to land the right QB with your first choice.

    Also there is precedent of many teams selecting 2 qbs in the whole draft. 8 total since 1994. Most notably the Redskins doing this in 2012 with Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. But no team, including that Redskins one, did so with both picks in the first round, or even first 2 rounds.

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    Dumb idea and I wouldn't put it past the Browns to do it. That would be terrible for both picks too. Imagine the headline: Sam Darnold and Josh Allen both taken by the Browns.. at least one of their careers is dead in the water before it even starts.