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Baker Mayfield Going to the Browns

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    What's everyone's opinion on this? I posted in another thread that these guys rarely turn out how the media portrays them, and I think there's enough data on that to keep my stance on it. But that leaves me curious as to how others feel about the Brown's decision.

    All the articles I've seen so far have been praising the Brown's for their No.1 overall draft pick, but no one is even slightly questioning that he may not be the Brown's saving grace. It's like everyone is taking his excellent media as 100% tried and true, even though he has yet to play a day in the NFL. See the disaster of Johnny Manziel. The whole situation is super similar. Although, Manziel was cause for concern even before he was drafted. Mayfield seems to be much, much more reserved.

    So what do you think? Will Mayfield actually be a good fit for the Browns?

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    I don't think he is a good fit. This feels like a classic Browns mistake to me. Reason being is I don't think Mayfield is NFL ready. If he is ever going to be a franchise qb, he needs time to be mentored and mature into the role. But the problem in Cleveland is that they need a guy RIGHT NOW. So he has no time to mature. Or improve his accuracy. This feels like he is being setup for failure, if you look at how the past high draft qbs turn out in similar situations; being drafted by bad teams and asked to lead from day one, without the talent developed yet to do so.

    Was listening to Colin Cowherd talk about this pick and I actually 100% agree with him. The Browns actually admitted their reasoning for passing on Sam Darnold was that it would be too much of a change for the organization. Yeah, that's smart.. why would you want to change from being the most losing of franchises in the last few decades... The Browns should have taken one of the 2 NFL ready QBs (Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, by most all scouting reports), but instead they went with another unpolished, brash guy. Mayfield isn't terrible and he is certainly more NFL viable than Manziel. But he isn't ready for the NFL starting gig day one, and therefore he is setup for failure and unfortunately I think the Browns will continue to be one of the worst performing teams in the NFL for at least another year, probably more.

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    After watching the aftermath of the draft and following the Browns statements in the last week or so, I want to walk back some of my criticism over this pick.

    I thought Mayfield would be a day one starter. They have said for sure that Tyrod Taylor will be the starter for Week 1. That will give Mayfield time to develop.

    I still think Mayfield wasn't the best QB in the draft. But they have an improved O-line, a really good receiver corp by adding Jarvis Landry. And they went and got Carlos Hyde. That's a great pass catching RB that can really help a not-always accurate QB to get his career going.

    Will be watching this team real close this year. Their new look offense could actually be pretty formidable. And Tyrod Taylor is a solid QB too. He might hold the reigns all year.