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Amazon takes advantage of Kentucky Derby horse named 'Audible'

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    So one of the horses racing in the Kentucky Derby is named Audible. Like as in a football audible, what a quarterback would do to change a play at the line of scrimmage. But it's also the brand name of an audiobook company, that Amazon owns.

    Way I read the story is someone at Amazon or Audible saw the name Audible in the headlines and realized this wasn't about their company, but about a horse. So they researched it a bit, contacted the team, and decided to give them sponsorship money in the form of charity.

    And now they are running with it, partnering with the racing team and horse brand as a full on mini marketing campaign. I suppose Amazon likes this idea especially since Audible has an 8-1 odds chance to win the whole Derby. Great move on their part if it wins.

    This is still a bit weird to me. I like Audible. I even pretty much like Amazon. But I can't decide if I like the shameless promotion going on here. Feels like we are a few steps removed from plastering these horses with big ass logo stickers, NASCAR style.