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When Adults Pose as High School Athletes.

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    High School can be strange for all of us, but it could be even stranger to look to your right or left and see a 25 year old man posing as a fellow student. Now, we've heard about how police will enroll NARCs to investigate possible drug rings, but older folks have made it into High School either with the "assistance" of staff or not to play sports. Perhaps they wanted to relive the glory days of their youth, or they were brought in as a ringer. Either way, it's weird and kinda funny.

    Recently a story hit the web about a 25 year old man who enrolled in the Dallas school system to play basketball. I suppose he looks rather young. I think it's kinda funny when this happens. I wonder if it's a tad insulting to the individual when they find themselves still struggling with subjects they did when they were a teen. This guy pretended to be a high school freshman though? Come on. I'm over 30 years old and most high school seniors look like they're 14 to me now. I guess he used the "over active pituitary gland" argument. haha In another instance a 21 year old enrolled in a Michigan high school to play football. I could see that being more feasible and believable. Can anyone recall any other ridiculous stories of adults infiltrating high school sports?

    Reminds me of this scene Wink :

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    The way that 25 year old did that was pretty clever. Albeit gross and weird. He pretended to be a hurricane Harvey victim, who's paperwork was lost in the hurricane. No parents; essentially homeless. So he used a loophole in the system to gain admission. Wow.

    The gross part is at the end of the video report from that link it said that he was allegedly also 'romantically' involved with a 14 year old student.

    I have no idea what would possess a 25 year old to do that. I would really like to hear some kind of candid interview where he explains his motivations and thought process.

    Very weird. I'll be on the lookout for more stories like this and share them here if I find any.

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    Yeah that is pretty gross. Then the above video definitely seems fitting. I've heard of older people enrolling before, but mostly for questionable or creepy reasons, and not athletics. In this case, it seems like it was all of the above. Yeah, post any other stories you find. Now it makes me wonder how many adults are enrolled right now and getting away with it.
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