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The Vegas Golden Knights Deserve to be in Stanley Cup Finals

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    I don't understand all the hate going on right now towards the Vegas Golden Knights. They are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, winning. When all this started, all the negativity wasn't there. In fact, almost every single analyst predicted they would be at the very bottom of the rankings and had zero thought that they would advance this far, let alone in their first year.

    But now that they are in the finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs everyone is jumping on the hate train?

    "The NHL handed the Knight's their wins"

    "The NHL fixed the rules to cater to the Knights"

    "The Knights and the NHL should be embarrassed"

    What?? You are completely lost if you think the NHL secretly fixed the rules specifically for an expansion team. They did not. They just happened to put together a group of educated, experienced, and like-minded people and created a successful team. Just because your team didn't make it to the Cup doesn't mean the entire league conspired against you.

    No one called out the league when they had yet to play. No one called out the league when they won 5 games. No one called out the league when they made it to the playoffs.

    The Knights did this on their own.

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    Completely agree. All the hate is coming from fans pissed that there teams didn't make it. Everyone wants to blame someone for all the other team's failures, when the simpler answer is - Vegas put together a really good team and they delivered. It's actually really cool that they pulled this off in the first year.

    I wonder if this is historical.. has any other expansion team come into a sport and won the championship their first year?

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    It is all nonsense. (the backlash I mean) Series is tied 1-1 right now. I can see it going to 7. Vegas has been long overdue to enter professional sports. So this is just cool to see for me. Also not hard for me to see them doing big things in all the 4 major sports in the next few years maybe? Hope so.