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Warriors vs Patriots in the Dynasty debate - Who reigns supreme?

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    What's your vote? The Golden State Warriors or the New England Patriots for the best dynasty in professional sports going right now? Or do you think another pro sport deserves to be in the conversation?

    Also feel free to project out how long these 2 will keep this going, as why.

    I think it's way harder to maintain a dynasty in the NFL over the NBA. So for that reason alone, I vote the Patriots. But on the flip side, I think on paper the Warriors will stack up the longest lasting and most impressive dynasty, championship wise. If the Warriors keep all their stars, I can see them in the finals and winning most of them for the next 3-4 years at least.

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    Can't forget about the Chicago Blackhawks when talking about dynasty runs. That was something to behold when living in Chicago. The Stanley Cup has to be just as hard to get as the NBA title, if not more difficult. But the playoffs are set up so similar that's it's basically just about comparing the two sports.

    As for the Warriors, I can definitely see them keeping this up for a few years to come. They just keep trimming the fat while simultaneously fine tuning their team.

    I don't want to talk about the Patriots : |