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Washington Capitals Win the Stanley Cup Final

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    The Washington Capitals have defeated the Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 to win this year's Stanley Cup Final! After a disappointing 6-4 loss in the series opener, the Capitals went on a 4 game streak to claim their first Stanley cup in franchise history. This was definitely one of my favorite match-ups to ever watch. With the Cap's story and everything the Golden Knight's went through with their very first year in the NHL, it made for a super compelling series.

    Congrats to the entire Capital's team, but Alex Ovechkin takes a special place in the ranks. He has finally gotten the playoff MVP Conn Smythe Trophy. He deserves it. He is absolutely one of the most well-rounded players I have ever seen.

    It'll be super cool to see what the city does when the team brings the Stanley Cup home. After all, it's the first major sports title for them since the Redskins won the Super Bowl 26 years ago. When sports victories are few and far in-between for a city like that, it builds up some insane celebrations.