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2018 World Cup and Video Assistant Referees?

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    For the first time in World Cup history, VAR (or Video Assistant Referee) technology was used to overturn a call on the field. And as you can guess, the crowd for the team that got the overturned call (Australia) did not appreciate it.

    Raises a good debate, do you think VAR is good progress for the World Cup? According to the CNN article, it's supposed to be used this way:

    At the World Cup, VAR technology is only used to correct "clear and obvious mistakes" -- to allow or disallow goals, award or deny penalties, show or rescind red cards, or correct instances of mistaken identity when a referee disciplines the wrong player.

    Though I think since it's so new and every single call in a game is so important for teams to possibly advance that fans are reacting really strongly one way or another. I think this is basically the same as instant replay in leagues like the NFL and NBA. But I might be missing something. Is there something inherently different about this system; why do the call it VAR instead of instant replay? Is it because it can only be used in certain situations?

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    I'm one for leaving most all changes out of major sports like this. I especially don't like that they seem to be testing this tech on the largest stage possible. Why not start off using it on the playoffs? There will be riots in the streets if a bad call is made using this.

    Sports keep getting all this new tech/rules that's making the games less fun. I don't really see this as a big deal change wise at the moment, but I do see this eventually leading to a type of technology driven referee system. That just doesn't sound as fun. Referees play a really big part in all games.