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World Cup: Mexico Defeats Germany

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    Mexico has defeated Germany 1-0 in this year's first major upset. I wouldn't even call it a stretch to say it's one of the World Cup's largest upsets of all time. The 22-year-old fan favorite, Hirving Lozano scored Mexico's winning goal right at the 34th minute mark, and El Tri held strong to take down the reining champs. You can bet on Lozano getting much, much more popular after this. He'll be looked at as a god after today.

    After the first half, Germany tried it's hardest to take control of the match. They fired 26 shots at goal, while only 9 of them even came close. Seemed like they were genuinely shocked at Mexico's lead and crumbled under the pressure.

    Congrats, Mexico! You deserve it!

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    If Mexico can do that against Germany, I gotta think they can do the same or better to South Korea. Will be fun to see how far they can go.
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    Here's the recap vid in case anyone missed the match --

    Germany v Mexico - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Match 11