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LeSean McCoy Accused of Domestic Violence

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    Buffalo Bill's, LeSean McCoy has been accused of domestic violence by ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon. An "unidentified" Instagram user has posted up an image of Cordon with cuts, bruises and blood all over her face. *Warning for graphic image* with this message attached:.

    First of all, McCoy has came out with a short statement denying fault and claiming he hasn't had any contact with anyone involved for months:

    Now, I never come up with a conclusion for cases like this without seeing all the facts, but there are a few things in this story that scream false allegations to me.

    For one, the Instagram user clearly states that they "kept quiet" about child abuse, dog abuse, and drug usage. But this was the last straw? It's OK for him to abuse a child to them, but he took it too far when he put his hands on an adult?

    They chose to post this to social media instead of inform the police. That is a big red flag to me, especially with everything going on lately.

    The poster has since posted and said it wasn't even McCoy that did it personally. They said the attack took place during a home invasion, and that they believe McCoy hired the men/man that attacked her. That is NOT a good reason to ruin someones career and potentially put them in prison.

    This is the biggest one.... McCoy is suing the woman. This incident happened the night before she was supposed to appear in court for squatting in one of McCoy's homes. He has been trying to have her removed from the home. This one is way, way too big to ignore. Why would he do this the night before the hearing to have her forcibly removed? I just can't see that as a possibility.

    This seems way to set up to either allow her to stay in the house and live that lifestyle longer, or perhaps out of anger that McCoy doesn't want to be in a relationship with her, thus cutting off the lifestyle.

    Once again, this is not my conclusion. This is all just conversation and opinion. NO ONE should come up with a conclusion either way until all the facts are known.

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    The way that ESPN reports on the story makes me think there maybe something to her claims.

    Police investigate home invasion at house owned by Bills' LeSean McCoy

    Article says that police were in fact contacted, and that lawyers strongly advised her to take that twitter post down. I assume because they feel they have an actual case and don't want social media to muddy the waters publicly.

    Also, it says a few times the intruder asked for specific items of jewelry. And that McCoy had been trying to get the jewelry back for a while. So that's at the very least curious.

    Since the cops and league are involved and investigating this, you are right when you say don't jump to conclusions based solely off of a social media post. Those are far too easily believed and ruin careers, if by no other way than casting doubt forever on a person's character.