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The Serena Williams/Kerber finals rematch at Wimbledon

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    The back story here is Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber played in the 2016 Wimbledon finals, which Serena ended up winning. That gave Serena her 7th Wimbledon win. Kerber hasn't won at Wimbledon, yet, but she does have 2 grand slams under her belt - the 2016 Australian Open and the 2016 US Open. 2016 so a good year for Kerber.

    Now in 2018 they meet again. Both have been ranked #1 in the world at some point in their careers, and both have fallen a decent bit in world rankings since, just for different reasons.

    Kerber has fallen just from the competitive nature of the game. She currently ranks #11 in the world. But Serena, ranked #25 right now, fell because she was out of the game from being pregnant.

    Williams is just 10 months removed from having a baby; a delivery that was really hard on her:

    After her win over Görges, Serena, seeded 25th in the tournament, was asked about the idea that her return to the top was inevitable. She rolled her eyes.

    “This is not inevitable for me,” she said, alluding to the serious postpartum health problems she faced after giving birth. “I had a really tough delivery and multiple surgeries and almost didn’t make it, to be honest. I couldn’t even walk to my mailbox, so it’s definitely not normal for me to be in a Wimbledon final.”

    I think it's pretty well understood Serena is one of it not the best woman's tennis players ever. And she does exceptionally well at Wimbledon. Making it to the finals after the year she has had is a great story, one that I'm sure will overshadow Kerber almost completely, even though Kerber has had the tougher road to the finals this time around. Not sure who to root for here, just thought it was an interesting story worth sharing here. Should be a good rematch for two of the best in the game.

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    Should be good.

    Video also points out that they are tied in Slam finals 1-1, as Kerber beat Serena in the 2016 Australian Open finals. So.. tiebreaker.

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    Well, Serena had a lot of really good rally points and a few strong aces. But Kerber just played more consistent, with less errors. ESPN gives a really complete highlight reel here: