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The Real Fun of MLB All-Star Weekend Has Already Started

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    The MLB All-Star game is finally upon us. And while you'd think it would be all about the All-Star game itself, the real action is in the days leading up to it. Fans have already started taking to the streets of Washington D.C. on Friday morning. For one, Playball Park has already kicked off at The Yards. It's basically a day at the park specifically made for families and kids to enjoy educational baseball and/or softball activities.

    Next up we have the All-Star Fanfest held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. This one is pretty cool. Everyone will have a chance to actually meet the Washington Nationals, get autographs, take photos with the team and win official merchandise.

    Now if you're looking for more of a food and drink type time, you can head to the MLB Assembly at The Wharf. This event is having music, art, fashion, and of course, there will be baseball.

    The All-Star game is set for Tuesday, but if you're looking to celebrate the Nationals, or even just looking for a fun weekend, looks like you have plenty of choices in the meantime.

    Schedule and how to watch the MLB All-Star game weekend:

    Sunday, July 15
    4 p.m. ET: Futures Game (MLB Network,

    Monday, July 16
    8 p.m.: Home Run Derby (ESPN, Watch ESPN)

    Tuesday, July 17
    8 p.m.: MLB All-Star Game (Fox, Fox Sports Go, FuboTV)

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    That's cool. Also saw they are doing a VR home run derby tournament challenge.

    But really, the main event for me is the actual Home Run Derby. I don't care too much for the All Star game. Even though it is way better than the other sports' all star games, probably because you are less likely to get hurt in baseball vs football or even basketball, by giving it your all.